What's With The New Look?  

Those of you who have frequented Centerpoint before will be shocked and amazed by our sleek and quasi-professional new look. However, if there is anyone out there who ever frequented Centerpoint before, WE will be shocked and amazed, since, to our knowledge, there was no centerpoint before. Oh well. Given the time, we should be able to customize the living daylights out of this site and lift it out of its professional template phase, but for now, it stays as-is. PS: Just to take up space, and see what this page looks like with text on it, I'm going to write about Animalea, my Quake clan. Rest assured, however, this site is NOT going to be about Animalea when (if) completed.  

RabidWombat, Clan Animalea 

This guy isn't me, he is a picture that came with the site. Isn't that funny? =) 
Clan Animalea 
Clan Animalia is our TF Clan, a force to be reckoned with. Our ranks include the 72-ranked demolitions man on the planet, a scout who, server permitting, never fails to collect at least 300 frags per game, and Calvin, who doesn't matter. Go to our clan website, which isn't such a half-assed job as this. Find it at the top of my Favorite Links -]an[RabidWombat 

For no good reason, I've got four different site counters! Isn't that great?

I made the one above myself.  Hooray for everything!
OK, That's all for now, bye-bye! -]an[RabidWombat